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Shed Fat In 2024 By Doing This

Updated: Jan 9

Subtracting weight from the scale
Notice how she is subtracting weight, which is what you are going to do in 2024!

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With the new year looming, it is time you get yourself in the right mindset because I have just what you need to shed fat in 2024.  For decades, weight loss companies have convinced us that losing weight is all about what you eat, and although consuming healthy foods is important, it isn’t technically how we lose weight.  In my short workbook that you will receive upon subscribing to our weekly newsletter "Slim Science in 30 Seconds", I go into detail about the biology of the human body and discuss the only guaranteed way of losing weight. If you couple the program I discuss in that workbook with the recipe below, your success will increase.

So, if dieting isn’t how we lose weight, how do we do it?  The answer is so simple that when I read some of the first studies relevant to this technique, I didn’t think it could be true based on what those commercials have told me my entire life.  The fact of the matter is, it really is that simple.  That technique is intermittent fasting, but my strategy and plan will help you stay comfortable.


In short, losing weight requires us to burn more fat than our bodies can produce based on what we consume, and intermittent fasting allows you to do that.  In my eBook, I give you a 4-week plan to help guide you to your weight loss endeavors.  Moreover, I include tips on how to be comfortable while doing so. You can access the diet that I found to help me be most successful here.


A recent study conducted at the University of Illinois Chicago found that those who developed an intermittent fasting plan lost between 3% to 8% of their baseline weight dependent upon the fasting regimen they participated in.  Let’s put this into perspective using the lowest percentage, 3%.


A woman who weighs 160 pounds and participates in an intermittent fasting plan for 30 days would lose 5 pounds.  If she remained disciplined and adhered to her fasting regimen, she would lose 30 pounds in 6 months and 60 pounds in a year.  A 260-pound man who participated in the same plan would lose 8 pounds in 30 days, 48 pounds in 6 months, and almost 100 pounds in a year.


But this is the best part.  If you do a 16:8 fasting split (16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window), most of us could eat whatever we wanted in that 8-hour window and still lose weight due to how our body works from a biological standpoint.  The secret to success is utilizing a strategy I discuss in my eBook, which you can receive for free by subscribing to our newsletter, coupled with just a little discipline and a healthy diet.


Regardless of how often you have failed at losing weight or if you’ve been led to believe you can’t shed weight, the program I have developed will successfully lead to weight loss for most people if they remain disciplined.  If the program is extended beyond the 4 weeks and the increments I suggest remain consistent, every person will lose weight.  The new year is just around the corner, so subscribe to my newsletter to receive your free copy of my eBook and shock everyone in the coming months.


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