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Unlocking the Secrets | Studies Confirm Intermittent Fasting's Weight Loss Impact

Updated: Jan 9

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As more data relevant to intermittent fasting begins to emerge from the empirical world, critics are beginning to run out of arguments for why they insist it is unhealthy.  Studies have confirmed just how impactful intermittent fasting is to weight loss. For those who are unaware of my belief system relevant to the weight loss industry, allow me to fill you in.  While I do believe there are supplements that are beneficial to your health and assist in losing weight, I am confident that the overwhelming majority are ineffective.  I believe the industry takes advantage of your emotional desire to lose weight and regain your health all the while taking your money with the knowledge their supplements do not work.


However, based on substantial research we know you do not need supplements to drop weight.  Rather, you need nothing more than to make the decision to lose weight and remain disciplined.  According to a recent study conducted by research journal The Obesity Society, it was discovered that intermittent fasting is actually more effective than a heart-healthy diet.  The study found that those who participated in the intermittent fasting group lost 9% of their body weight while those who maintained a heart-healthy diet lost 5%.  Now, imagine the weight you would drop if you were to implement both. I recommend a healthy dietary plan such as a highly effective smoothie regimen for those who enjoy fruits and vegetables.

That is exactly what I recommend for those who want to drop weight while also lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and so on.  Dieting fails often because of our desire to eat even if we recently had a meal.  In this same study it was discovered that a desire to eat decreased 17% for those who participated in intermittent fasting vs. an increase of 1% of those who participated in the heart-healthy diet.  It can be argued that those who participated in the diet were hungry much of the time whereas after participating in a fasting regimen, hunger tends to disappear after a day or two.


Losing weight is not difficult and if you incorporate the plan and strategy that I created in my free eBook you received upon subscribing, I am confident you will succeed.  There are three primary steps that must be taken if you want to lose weight, which are decide, act, and remain disciplined.  If you can do those three things, you will shed fat in 2024.


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