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This is Why I Coach Victims of Domestic Violence

Updated: Jan 7

Domestic Violence Victim
Most of the time, victims feel they have no where to go.

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Some of the toughest people I have ever met are women who were abuse victims.  I saw the bruises and lumps.  I saw the bloody lips, the black eyes, and broken bones.  I saw the pain and hurt.  But what bothered me the most were the blank, unfocused stares while they contemplated various aspects of their lives.  They had just taken a beating and they were still standing.  They weren’t complaining and they were some of the kindest people I had ever met.  My heart broke for so many of these women and the best way to describe how I felt was helplessly empathetic.


I wanted to put my hands on and hurt their abuser so bad, but I couldn’t.  The most I could do was arrest them.  But I knew the drill.  I couldn’t protect them and from a statistical standpoint, they would return to the abuse because they loved their abuser and didn’t believe they were worthy of anything better.  That is why I do everything in my power to help people who fall victim to abuse.  For almost a decade of my life, I saw the heartbreaking faces of hundreds of abuse victims and I was limited on what I could do to help.


Now that I have retired, I felt compelled to create this blog and newsletter so I could teach you how to never fall victim again.  During my time as a law enforcement officer, I learned a lot from domestic violence situations and for the majority of them, the overall behavioral aspect was the same; only the circumstances surrounding the incident was different.  That is why I coach victims of domestic violence. I have committed myself to you, my reader, and I will pass my knowledge and wisdom along so I can help you avoid ever falling victim again.


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